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  • Stock pot capacity: 80 quarts
  • Stock pot has faucet for clam bake broth
  • Holds 15-18 complete bakes or 25 dozen clams
  • Great for clam bake's

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  • Stock pot capacity: 60 quarts
  • Holds 10-12 complete bakes or 18 dozen clams
  • Does not have spigot, will have to use a ladle
  • Great for clam bakes

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Stock pot capacity: 40 quarts

Holds 8-10 complete bakes or 12 dozen clams

Great for clam bake's

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The 26" wide Hot Diggity® is available as a "combo". Additional Features: 10 Stainless Steel roller tubes. Holds 36 1/8 lb. or 27 1/4 lb. Hot Dogs. Separate temperature and roller controls for front and rear rollers. Stainless Steel Cabinet and drip tray.

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This 8qt high polish chafer offers simple elegance for buffets, caterers, home parties, churches, or other special events.

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This easy to use hotdog machine holds up to 90 hot dogs and 40 buns at a time. Depending on the size of the hotdog, it cooks frozen hotdogs in 45 minutes to an hour and thawed hotdogs in 20 to 45 minutes

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