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Rotary Hammer Drill, SDS Max

Rotary Hammer Drill, SDS Max


Combination Rotary hammer drill kit designed for drilling or chipping concrete. Shocks reduce vibration. Clutch reduces bind up situations. Accepts all SDS Max chisels and bits

• SHOCKS – Active Vibration Control® reduces vibration up to 50% while increasing user comfort and productivity.
• Complete Torque Control (CTC)® - Patented 2 Stage clutch provides maximum control in bind up situations.
• 13 Amp motor provides maximum performance & overload protection; 210-415 rpm; 1430-2840 bpm.
• 11.7 ft lbs. of Impact Energy provides fast drilling and powerful chipping.
• Rear handle mount means less bending over when using tool in downward chipping applications.
• Trigger Lock On provides increased user comfort in extended use chipping applications.
• Allows easy access to switch, motor, cord set, brushes and gear case for ease of service


  • 4 Hour
    $41.00 minimum
  • Day
  • 4 Week
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